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Citrus juicer 38

A robust juicer! Equipped with a robust and silent asynchronous motor, the real juicer n°38 is built to last. Thanks to its 3 removable heads, it can extract juice from all types of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits… The inclination of the body allows a better flow of juice and the height and width of the spout allows it to accept all types of glasses.
Average flow rate: 30l/h



38, 38C (chromé), 38G (gris)

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2 ans



10 ans

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Juice extractor_V1

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APAVE certification


November 2020

à November 2023

The LONGTIME® label is perfectly in line with our company’s philosophy, which makes it a point of honour to fight against programmed obsolescence. In fact, all Santos appliances are easily repairable and have been since their creation. A Santos appliance, whatever it is, can always be reconditioned.

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