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Juice extractor “Miracle Edition” 68

The centrifuge “Miracle Edition” N°68 is the result of Santos’ 60 years of experience in the field of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Powerful, robust and easy to clean, it is the essential tool for juice bars.
The Miracle Edition offers great efficiency and is suitable for intensive use.
This centrifuge offers a perfect filtration for a high quality juice thanks to its large basket with a very fine sieve (0.5 mm / 0.02” holes).
Equipped with a wide inlet (79.5mm), this device allows whole fruits and vegetables to pass through and makes it possible to make juice continuously in a pitcher or in a glass glass glass thanks to its 228mm spout height.
Food zone all in stainless steel (no aluminium).
Exceptional flow rate: 140 l/h



68, 68J

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APAVE certification


November 2020

à November 2023

The LONGTIME® label is perfectly in line with our company’s philosophy, which makes it a point of honour to fight against programmed obsolescence. In fact, all Santos appliances are easily repairable and have been since their creation. A Santos appliance, whatever it is, can always be reconditioned.

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