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The LONGTIME® label applies to a wide range of products, its specifications must therefore be adjusted depending on the sector. For example, a smartphone does not meet the same technical repair requirements as a washing machine…

That is why a « Sectoral Annex » complements these specifications by adapting to the product family specificities. 


Everyone can participate in the construction of the LONGTIME® label!

Repairers, consumers, after-sales service workshops, associations… every voice counts in the study of the product families covered by the label.


Periodically and thanks to a survey, we will exchange on the ins and outs of a product category. Then, the LONGTIME® team cross-reference the data from the various partners parties and determine the specific requirements for obtaining the LONGTIME® label.

We want the writing of this Sectoral Annex to be as precise and as relevant as possible !   

We therefore call on you, partners to be, to provide your knowledge and expertise on these products. With the desire to take into account the expectations of consumers, the problems of repairers and the constraints of manufacturers.

If you too would like to participate, please contact us!

Repair professionals 

Different professions make up the professional partners of repair. Federations, after-sales services, spare parts retailers, independent repairers. Their contributions are absolutely essential in the drafting of the sectoral annexes. They allow us to have a field feedback of the problems according to the product families. Thanks for their precious contribution!

Repair associations 

Repair Café, Café bricol’ whatever the name, the associations of voluntary repairers are actors committed to extending the life of products. They often find themselves faced with products that few professionals see in their workshops… often low-value products that they save as much as possible from the road to the landfill. We can obviously only thank them for their action, their contribution, and we strongly invite you to go meet the association of your village or neighborhood!

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