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The MULTISERV model is a multi-portion meal distribution trolley with on-board technology. It ensures the reheating of your meals in cookserv, cookchill and cookfreeze. Thanks to the thermal barrier created by the central wall and the hermetic tanks, your energy consumption is reduced and the hot and cold compartments remain perfectly insulated. Its objective? To keep your hot and cold preparations at the right temperature in gastronorm containers within the same trolley and to provide comfort of use thanks to its well thought-out ergonomics, to limit musculoskeletal disorders. The trolley has been designed with robust materials such as food-grade stainless steel, which guarantee a long service life. The availability of spare parts for 10 years and the quality of our network of after-sales technicians guarantee a product designed to be repaired and to last. The MULTISERV model benefits from the LONGTIME label, which testifies to the eco-responsible approach to which SOCAMEL is committed.

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2 years



10 years

Availability of spare parts


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APAVE certification

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July 2022

from July 2025

The MULTISERV model benefits from the LONGTIME® label which testifies to the eco-responsible approach in which SOCAMEL is engaged. We design, produce and market logistical solutions for the distribution of meals, in the form of carts with embedded technology in which we can maintain the regulatory temperature of individual meal trays.

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