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Whether you are an independent, small household appliance repair company, or a large service company, a federation of electronic repairers, a ‘repair café’ association, or even an environmental association, we will be delighted to collaborate.


LONGTIME® is a pragmatic label that needs to understand the specificities of each product family, so it is essential for us to integrate consumers and repairers with their knowledge into the life of the label.

By joining the network of LONGTIME® partners, you boost your business while promoting your social and environmental responsibility.



Periodically and thanks to a questionnaire, we will discuss the ins and outs of a category with a prerogative, to preserve your ecosystem.


Repair professionals

FEDELEC is a professional organization dedicated to SMEs in the electricity and electronics sector, and thanks to its strong presence, it provides its members and partners with a listening ear, services and support, with respect and friendliness.
FEDELEC is widely involved in defending the professions of domestic electrical repair and in promoting the extension of the life span of goods by enhancing the value of repairing objects.


The Company is a professional structure dedicated to after-sales service for household appliances. Initially providing after-sales service for major distribution groups, CSAV now offers its expertise and services to individuals. Transparent rates, precise time slots, the company troubleshoots the troubleshooting. The company is strongly involved in promoting the value of the repair business and the extension of product life.


Dépann’Ménager Service, by its short name DMS is a player in the repair industry in the Toulouse and Haute-Garonne area. DMS is an expert in the management of small and large household appliances and is made up of a team of qualified experts with extensive experience in repairs. We share with DMS a common vision of enterpreneurship and the economy since it is also a cooperative company.


SWAP service is a European hub dedicated to after-sales service for power tooling and motorized cultivation, but not only… Located in numerous European countries, SWAP has control over the entire value chain linked to after-sales service, control of spare parts, a network of authorised repairers in Europe and process digitisation. This is the 2.1 repair with the will to highlight the reuse of devices.


The “repair” associations

Repair Together is an association helping and supporting local initiatives to mobilize for the sustainable use of resources. Its objective is to pool the resources necessary for the creation, development and maintenance of “Repair Cafés” in Belgium. The association promotes and works to raise awareness and inform the general public about citizen initiatives in the circular economy and the fight against planned obsolescence.


R.C. France is a little brother of the European R.C. The concept was conceived by Martine Postma, a Dutch environmental activist and former journalist, who proposed her initiative during a local political mandate.

Repair Cafés are often places where you can find a lot of knowledge about repairing small everyday items.



Café Bricol’ Toulouse is part of the non-profit do it yourself movement. Open to all, the aim is to fight against waste by trying to repair products or objects and thus extend their lifespan. During meetings full of good humour, volunteers will be there to accompany you and help you when possible to repair your product and more generally to learn about basic knowledge. If the repair is too complex you may be invited to go and push the door of a professional and in any case you will leave with more knowledge.


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