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Pellet stove AW7

« The high capacity stove »

The AW7, with its 40kg tank, offers up to 110h of autonomy depending on the environment in which it operates. With either high or low output, it retains a heating capacity of 1.6kW to 7.9kW, making it perfectly suited to medium insulated homes as well as modern, airtight homes. Its easy-to-use colour interface allows for 7 temperature ranges per day, which the stove sets itself to within 0.1°C. The result: significant savings in pellets.

In terms of design, the AW7 combines technology and elegance: its natural stone cladding is combined with the glass ceramic door and the stainless steel trim and handle.

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December 2021

à December 2024

Designed, developed, sourced and manufactured in France, the HOBEN and AW stoves have stood out for over 10 years. Firstly, through their technology: the first stoves to regulate temperature ranges, they offer precision to within 0.1°C thanks to their electronics developed entirely by the brand, in France. Secondly, through their vision of industrialisation: committed to reparability and durability, the HOBEN and AW brands already met the LONGTIME® criteria at their origin. A constant effort is made to reduce industrial pollution, from the pooling and reduction of transport to the types of products used, or to industrial recycling.

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Hoben / AW

INOVALP, manufacturer of the Hoben and AW brands, was born from an observation, a need, an urgency This urgency: the ecological and economic issues of our time are too important to be ignored. How can we act, at our level? What solution can we put in place? Our expertise in thermal engineering allows us to advance an answer: by the wood pellet. Our Rhône-Alpine SME has been developing since 2010 through its products, its employees and its partners, through its successes and mistakes, and always with one goal in mind: to provide efficient heating solutions and an effective service to make a large-scale transition to pellets.

Site internet: https://inovalp.fr/