Ethikis ad civis ist ein kooperatives und partizipatives Unternehmen mit Sitz in Toulouse, ursprünglich von zwei Bürgern gegründet, die entschlossen sind, sich für die ökologischen und sozialen Fragen unserer Zeit einzusetzen.


Ethikis fördert die Ethik im Bereich des Konsums und des Gebrauchs durch die Schaffung konkreter Methoden zur Bekämpfung von überholten Praktiken.


Obsoleszenz ist nicht unvermeidlich. Geplanter Verschleiß ist nur ein kleiner Teil der Obsoleszenz. Unser Ansatz tendiert dazu, dieses Bewusstsein zu vermitteln und jeden zu ermutigen.

Die Verantwortung für die Existenz von organisierter Obsoleszenz wird zwischen Verbrauchern und Herstellern geteilt. LONGTIME® ist ein positives Kommunikationsinstrument, eine Referenz in Bezug auf die Langlebigkeit der Produkte. Eine Marke unter einer Reihe von Lösungen, die Sie mit einem Teil unserer Partner entdecken können.

Was ist ein kooperative und partizipatorische Unternehmen? Ein Unternehmen wie kein anderes! Geteilte Verwaltung, begrenzte Lukrativität, Verfolgung des Allgemeininteresses… das sind einige der wichtigsten Grundsätze der SCOP nach französischem Handelsrecht.



The idea of an anti-obsolescence label

The idea was born in the portable screwdriver section of a DIY-specialised store. In the middle of all these products, we wondered: “Why isn’t there a label for household appliances?
The project of the durability-quality label was born.

The research phase begins. Many thanks to the Friends of the Earth, ADEME and ESEC (Economic Social and Environmental Council), among others, for their meaningful contributions on the subject.


Creation of the Ethikis ad Civis association

In January, we met with numerous associations, repairers and consumers to receive their feedback and define the criteria for the label. This is the beginning of the consultation/drafting phase which will last more than 2 years!

In March, we joined the ADRESS programme and benefited from technical support to set up the project. That same month, we registered Ethikis ad civis as an association under the 1901 French law.

Drafting the specifications

In May, we began work with Ecocert Expert Consulting, which has considerable expertise in the development of independent labels. Their intervention enabled the drafting of verifiable and non-opposable criteria, and ultimately the edition of the control grid.

Partnership with control bodies

Awarding a label is not a trivial act. Surrounding ourself with independent actors is a matter of course. We also wanted to give candidate-manufacturers the choice of working with a particular control body. This is why we have signed agreements with APAVE certification and ECOCERT environnement, which meet the following criteria: independence / competence / impartiality.


Winner of “My project for the planet” award

Awarded by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (French) in May 2018, among 420 projects submitted to the votes, LONGTIME® is one of the 15 winners and has the honour of pitching in front of the Minister Nicolas Hulot!

Transformation of the association into a cooperative

Ethikis becomes a cooperative and participatory company (SCOP) in the form of a SARL (French). The difference with a traditional company: the company belongs to its employees, cannot be owned by another entity and cannot be sold. An initial desire on the part of the founders to support projects such as the LONGTIME® label.

Carrying out 2 pilot audits

In August, with the services of Ecocert environnement, we tested the audit grid in a first company. We carried out a second pilot audit in December for another manufacturer with the services of APAVE certification.


Finalist of the Social Innovation Tournament

In June, the European Investment Bank informed us that LONGTIME® was selected among 1600 projects across Europe to be one of the 15 finalists of the Social Innovation Tournament.

European deployment of the label

Daniela joins the permanent Ethikis team – multilingual and in line with our action, she takes charge of the European development of the label.

Announcement of the first labelled products

We can finally present the label to consumers and companies involved in the manufacture of products designed to last.

LONGTIME® is operational!

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