Who we are?

Ethikis ad civis is a cooperative and participative company based in Toulouse, and originally created by two citizens determined to act on the environmental and social issues of our time.


Ethikis promotes ethics in the fields of consumption and use by creating concrete tools to fight against out-of-age practices.


Responsibilities for the existence of organised obsolescence are shared between consumers and manufacturers but in a general way, obsolescence is not inevitable.

Our approach tends to convey this awareness and empower everyone against its early outbreak. LONGTIME® is a positive communication tool, a reference in terms of product durability and a concrete solution among the range of good practices that promote a longer lifetime for products.

What is a cooperative and participatory society? A company like no other! Shared governance, limited lucrativity, pursuit of the general interest… these are some of the main principles of SCOP under French commercial law.

The LONGTIME® story


More than 100 labelled products

The milestone of 100 product ranges has been passed! A real milestone, testifying to the acceleration of the label’s presence on the French and European markets.

Scaling Impact

Scaling Impact Executive Programme

Invited by the European Investment Bank, Ethikis received support to prepare for growth and multiply its impact with the LONGTIME® label. This marks the company’s scale-up phase.

Service diversification

Driven by its mission to improve practices, Ethikis is launching new tools for professionals: the reparability score for monitoring and improving product reparability, and eco-design and sustainability training offering a direct link between these themes.


Circular Economy Prize

LONGTIME® wins a prize in the “Methodology” category of the European Innovation Technologie awards. It was in Brussels that Ethikis received this award, confirming the need for tools like LONGTIME® to participate in the circular transition of our economy.

Circular Economy Prize 2022

Technical department recruitment


Finalist of the Social Innovation Tournament

In June, the European Investment Bank informed us that LONGTIME® was selected among 1600 projects across Europe to be one of the 15 finalists of the Social Innovation Tournament.

Announcement of the first labelled products

We can finally present the label to consumers and companies involved in the manufacture of products designed to last.

LONGTIME® is operational!


Winner of “My project for the planet” award

Awarded by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (French) in May 2018, among 420 projects submitted to the votes, LONGTIME® is one of the 15 winners and has the honour of pitching in front of the Minister Nicolas Hulot!

Transformation of the association into a cooperative

Ethikis becomes a cooperative and participatory company (SCOP) in the form of a SARL (French). The difference with a traditional company: the company belongs to its employees, cannot be owned by another entity and cannot be sold. An initial desire on the part of the founders to support projects such as the LONGTIME® label.

Carrying out 2 pilot audits

In August, with the services of Ecocert environnement, we tested the audit grid in a first company. We carried out a second pilot audit in December for another manufacturer with the services of APAVE certification.


Creation of the Ethikis ad Civis association

In January, we met with numerous associations, repairers and consumers to receive their feedback and define the criteria for the label. This is the beginning of the consultation/drafting phase which will last more than 2 years!

In March, we joined the ADRESS programme and benefited from technical support to set up the project. That same month, we registered Ethikis ad civis as an association under the 1901 French law.

Drafting the specifications

Partnership with control bodies


The idea of an anti-obsolescence label

The idea was born in the portable screwdriver section of a DIY store.
In the midst of all these products, a question came to mind: ” Why isn’t there a Red Label for household appliances?
The project of the durability-quality label was born.

Beginning of the documentary phase.
Thanks to Friends of the Earth, ADEME and CESE, among others, for their rich reports on the subject.

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Votre voix compte !

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