How to obtain label LONGTIME® ?

Here is information on the LONGTIME® certification process. Our team offers step-by-step, personalised support. You’ll be amazed at how accessible it is!

A structuring approach

to improve its practices in terms of product reliability, reparability and technical support.

Proof of commitment

with your partners and consumers. LONGTIME® provides reassurance about the durability of your products;

A sign of appreciation

and recognisable by everyone in France and the rest of the world. LONGTIME® is a registered certification mark, a benchmark of quality.

Regulatory anticipation

on European territory, notably on the Green Claim, ESPR and Empowering consumers directives.

THE 5 STEPS to obtain the LONGTIME® label


Application and contracting

You fill in the application form specifying the scope of your labeling project, and we study the technical feasibility of the product families. You’ll get quotes for the entire process. You commit to the process when you sign the support quote.


Preparing for the audit

You will be given access to the self-assessment grid to evaluate your level of compliance with the criteria. Our team will help you to understand the criteria, identify the means of proof, assist you in resolving non-conformities in advance… You will receive a report to help you plan ahead.



Once you have signed the inspection body’s quotation, you send the information required for the document review. An auditor is appointed to carry out the on-site audit.

Issuing and using the label

When the initial assessment is satisfactory, the Inspection Body issues a certification certificate for the products concerned. This certificate entitles you to use the LONGTIME® certification mark. Our team will send you a communication pack with all the information you need to make the most of your commitment.


Annual monitoring is carried out to check the commitments identified in the non-conformity sheets. Three-year monitoring begins as soon as all criteria have been validated.

LONGTIME® reference criteria

The LONGTIME® reference system comprises 41 cross-functional criteria organized around 3 pillars: robust design, reparability and technical support. Sector-specific guidelines are drawn up for each product family to ensure that the audit is relevant to the specific features of each product family.

Self-diagnosis: positioning yourself according to LONGTIME® criteria

  • Evaluate your design, repairability and technical support practices in just a few minutes with the Auto-diagnotic based on LONGTIME® label criteria.
  • You’ll identify your strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the control points required to obtain the LONGTIME® label.
  • You will be given a score out of 100, and our teams will be available to discuss the matter with you.

The LONGTIME® certification system

In Europe, the communication of environmental claims is subject to increasingly stringent transparency rules. Sustainability is one of the environmental claims that must be certified by an independent third party.

Authorized inspection bodies

For a label to rely on an impartial awarding process is a matter of course, but this mission must be carried out by high-quality players.
LONGTIME® has logically accredited inspection bodies recognized for their high level of independence, rigor and expertise. Their international positioning allows them to evaluate products from all over the world.

Criteria verification method

Each criterion is checked for compliance/non-compliance. There are different types of criteria: KO / Major / Minor, and depending on the product family, some criteria may not be applicable. In order to avoid a punitive approach, and to enable continuous improvement of practices, a low rate of non-conformity can be accepted if, and only if, your corrective actions proposed to the inspection body are validated. These will be checked annually. If you meet 100% of the criteria, a surveillance audit will be scheduled in N+3.

Control organization

The auditor carries out a documentary study of your sales and after-sales service policies, and an on-site audit to interview identified resource persons and verify compliance with product criteria.

Cost of LONGTIME® certification

The overall cost of the approach is divided into 3 parts:


  • Support and study fees are invoiced at the start of the process.
  • Audit fees are invoiced directly by the chosen inspection body.
  • Annual fees are invoiced when the certification certificate is issued, and cover the costs of using and protecting the brand, regulatory monitoring and communication tools, among other things.
image of a calculator and banknotes.

Testimonials from companies involved in the LONGTIME® approach

They are in the best position to talk about the process and its impact: preparing for the audit, manpower requirements, relations with inspection bodies, the effect of certification on teams, etc.
Here are a few extracts and access to the full testimonials.

“The LONGTIME® label confirms the commitments we have made since the creation of our company to guarantee our customers the quality and robustness of our products.
Receiving this external recognition is a source of satisfaction for the whole team.”

Alain Loubet, Gérant Xplorer

“By awarding this label, Whirlpool France is affirming its commitment to offering consumers products that are durable and easy to repair.
Choosing to use the independent LONGTIME® label proves that our commitment is concrete.

Pierre Duchier, CEO Whirlpool France

Logo de l'entreprise Univ'R Chauffage

“In our view,the label’shigh standards enable us to intelligently combine industrial constraints with the expectations of responsible consumption. It’s a structuring tool for successfully meeting this challenge! “

Bruno Giorgi, CEO Univ’R Chauffage

Palayer radiator from Univr with LONGTIME label

Companies with one or more labelled products


What types of products can be labelled?

Any functional product composed of parts is eligible for the LONGTIME® label. Indeed, the product range is very wide, just to name a few major families: household appliances, computers, sports and leisure products, tools and professional equipment.

Excluded are automobiles and of course food and pharmaceutical products.

Which products are already labelled?

You can consult all labelled products on the LONGTIME® catalogue.

Why is the name of the LONGTIME® label in English?

LONGTIME® is a label without borders. Its short-term ambition is to become a reference in Europe. Indeed, there are no criteria for the country of manufacture or design because quality exists all over the world.

What is the procedure for obtaining the LONGTIME® label?

You can consult all the steps on this page or contact Ethikis for more information.

Does the labelling process require a large investment of time?

Entering the LONGTIME® approach suggests that you have familiarised yourself with the documentation, the criteria of the label, the process and the conditions of use of the label. To prepare for the audit, it will be necessary to ensure the availability of documents and resource persons enabling the auditor to obtain proof of the product’s compliance with the label criteria.

As the manufacturers testify, the process requires the time necessary for quality work. Take the time to read their comments!

Can I submit only certain products for labelling?

The LONGTIME® label refers to the product and not to the brand or company. Thus, it is possible to submit only certain products or ranges for labelling. On the other hand, an audit can cover several ranges and several product families. Certain criteria are moreover generally cross-cutting.

How much does the LONGTIME® label cost?

The LONGTIME® approach has been designed so that cost is not an obstacle. The cost of the process consists of the evaluation fees, directly invoiced by the chosen control body, and the fees for using the label. Feel free to fill out the request form to obtain a personalised quote.

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