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products labelled

Shifting towards more sustainable production practices is a current trend. Consumers are looking for sustainable products that break with obsolescence… but they don’t know how to find them or whom to trust.


Integrate durability

into your production processes

Make the most of your efforts

and be quickly identified by consumers

Meet the expectations

of retailers to increase the share of sustainable products


regulations and market developments



You fill in the application form in order to evaluate the scope of the label and the cost of the process

We review together your application and the tools to evaluate the preparation time before the audit at the stage 1 meeting


You prepare the audit with your teams using our tools. We establish a report at stage 2 meeting


You carry out the audit with the chosen control body, a documentary part and a part on site

You receive the label certificate and can communicate your commitment to durability!

Are your products durable?

Assess your design, repairability and technical support practices in minutes with the Durability-Self-diagnosis.

You will identify your strengths and room for improvement. You will also better understand the control points of the LONGTIME® label.

Company testimonials

“The LONGTIME® label confirms the commitments we have made since the creation of our company to guarantee our customers the quality and robustness of our products. Receiving this external recognition is a satisfaction for the whole team.”

Alain Loubet, Gérant Xplorer

“By awarding this label, Whirlpool France affirms its commitment to offer consumers durable and easily repairable products. Choosing the independent LONGTIME® label proves that our commitment is concrete. “

Pierre Duchier, CEO at Whirlpool

Companies with one or more labelled products



For a label, relying on an impartial and independent accreditation process is a matter of evidence.For a label, relying on an impartial and independent accreditation process is a matter of evidence.

In recognition of this, LONGTIME® has formed partnerships with:. Their international positioning allows them to evaluate products from all over the world.


A subsidiary of Apave, a leading company in the control of technical, human and environmental risks.



A subsidiary of Ecocert, a certification body specialising in sustainability.



Are you concerned about sustainability or are you already committed?

We are at your disposal to best meet your needs. From the preparation of the audit to the use of the label, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

Raise awareness among your teams

Sustainability is a scalable toolfor your company. Whether you are a buyer, distributor, trade or government institution, or manufacturer, discover how the sustainable products market opens up opportunities while respecting the environment.

Guidance for the preparation of the audit

Do you want us to take care of the preparation of the audit? Our team coordinates, from A to Z, the preparation of documents, the definition of the means of proof to be identified and anticipates with you any corrective actions to be implemented.


What types of products can be labelled?

Any functional product composed of parts is eligible for the LONGTIME® label. Indeed, the product range is very wide, just to name a few major families: household appliances, computers, sports and leisure products, tools and professional equipment.

Excluded are automobiles and of course food and pharmaceutical products.

Which products are already labelled?

You can consult all labelled products on the LONGTIME® catalogue.

Why is the name of the LONGTIME® label in English?

LONGTIME® is a label without borders. Its short-term ambition is to become a reference in Europe. Indeed, there are no criteria for the country of manufacture or design because quality exists all over the world.

What is the procedure for obtaining the LONGTIME® label?

You can consult all the steps on this page or contact Ethikis for more information.

Does the labelling process require a large investment of time?

Entering the LONGTIME® approach suggests that you have familiarised yourself with the documentation, the criteria of the label, the process and the conditions of use of the label. To prepare for the audit, it will be necessary to ensure the availability of documents and resource persons enabling the auditor to obtain proof of the product’s compliance with the label criteria.

As the manufacturers testify, the process requires the time necessary for quality work. Take the time to read their comments!

Can I submit only certain products for labelling?

The LONGTIME® label refers to the product and not to the brand or company. Thus, it is possible to submit only certain products or ranges for labelling. On the other hand, an audit can cover several ranges and several product families. Certain criteria are moreover generally cross-cutting.

How much does the LONGTIME® label cost?

The LONGTIME® approach has been designed so that cost is not an obstacle. The cost of the process consists of the evaluation fees, directly invoiced by the chosen control body, and the fees for using the label. Feel free to fill out the request form to obtain a personalised quote.