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Encouraging sustainable consumption to move away from the disposable era

We manufacture and purchase furniture to create environments and work spaces that are conducive to meeting the challenges of attracting and retaining talent. Our approach is based on ergonomics, the quality of use of products, durability and reparability. We also promote re-use processes and were the initiators of the Merci René project. Our raison d'être is to create solutions that are efficient in use and resource efficient, favouring the use of recycled materials, local materials and ideally locally manufactured materials. The aim is to provide companies with products that have a high value in terms of use, esteem and exchange, at an acceptable cost.

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What is an attestation of conformity ?

Issued by an inspection body, it is an official document certifying that a product, service or process complies with current standards, regulations or technical specifications. For the LONGTIME® label, the certificate details the ranges that have been inspected, and the dates on which they were awarded…

Why is this important ?

It may be essential to demonstrate compliance with current laws and regulations, guarantee consumer safety, facilitate international trade, or ensure the quality of a product as part of a quality certification process. In our case, it assures you that LONGTIME®-labeled products have been assessed by an independent body according to the criteria set out in the standard.

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