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Would you like to work on product sustainability and improve your practices, but don’t know where to start? We offer a range of services, whatever your level of maturity, to help you introduce or improve your CSR policy within your organization.

Extending product lifetimes is one of the most effective eco-design strategies.

In many sectors, sustainability has been identified as a solution for changing our model of society and production, and for offering our planet a more sustainable future. It can be found in the CSR policies of medium-sized and large companies. But how do you integrate it into your system? Where to start? How do you measure it?

Backed by our expertise, we support manufacturers, distributors and local authorities in improving their practices. We look at each case with passion, and study the best ways forward in the short, medium and long term.

Understanding sustainability


Acquire a knowledge base on sustainability

We offer a series of training courses on the subject of product repairability and durability, aimed at a variety of profiles and whatever your knowledge. The aim is to provide a knowledge base for integrating or advancing on the subject within your organizations.

Here are the 3 core à la carte training programs. Contact us for a tailor-made program.

Product durability | Assessing repairability | Sustainability in eco-design

FOCUS durabilty


Everything you need to know about the sustainability of a target product family

We draw up Sustainability Identity Cards (SICs), tailored to the depth of the study and the needs of each individual. Without reducing relevance, we provide simple DICs to introduce sustainability criteria for a product selection or tender, and full DICs as part of a product design or product range improvement.

DIAGNOSIS sustainability practices

We offer a range of pragmatic courses, based on dedicated tools, which enable you to diagnose in depth the reparability or durability of your products. This support offers concrete avenues for improvement and a range of solutions depending on the objectives to be achieved. Ne also put our expertise to good use in challenging or building benchmarks and methodologies to extend product life.

Repairability score | Sustainability score | Sustainable reference system

VALUE its Ecodesign initiatives


As best practices deserve to be visible, we offer the LONGTIME® certification process to all product manufacturers. The standards are drawn up for each product family and are based on the EN4555X series of standards. The LONGTIME® label meets the requirements of ISO14024 and complies with European requirements for environmental claims. If your practices are good, wear LONGTIME®, the label for products designed to last.

Independent | Impartial | Relevant

Company testimonials

“We followed the “Understanding” module for half a day with the design department, after-sales service and management. Special thanks to Elsa Lomont and Florent Preguesuelo for their guidance during this training. Sustainability is at the heart of our CSR strategy and values, and this training has raised our teams’ awareness even further and opened us up to new possibilities!”

Fabienne AUDUSSEAU, Marketing Manager

“We trained our buyers. The training module enabled everyone to understand sustainability issues and the legislative context. The lessons learned helped us to draft our supplier charter to introduce more sustainability and pursue our commitments.”

Nicolas JOLY, Purchasing Manager

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