a label for products

Clearly informs consumers about the longevity, robustness and repairability of products.
Rewards manufacturers who focus their industrial efforts on sustainability.

Get reporting on your practices


Are you looking for durable household appliances, a reliable laptop computer, robust tools?

Buying a sustainable product

is an economic and environmentally responsible choice.

Find out how the LONGTIME® label helps you to easily find sustainable products.


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Obtaining the LONGTIME® label

places value on the durability of your products.

The LONGTIME® label helps you to provide clear and independent information on the lifetime of products.


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Becoming a partner

means passing on your knowledge and participating.

The LONGTIME® label takes into account the specificity of each product family for a thorough and relevant study. Help us!


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Why label your products with Longtime® ?


Integrate durability into your production processes

Make the most of your efforts and be quickly identified by your consumers

Meet the expectations of retailers to increase the share of sustainable products

Why you should buy a labelled product ?


Acquire a reliable and repairable product

Make a purchase that will preserve your budget

Encourage more responsible consumption and move out of the disposable era

By providing you with clearer information on the longevity/price ratio of a product, and on its repair possibilities, the LONGTIME® label allows you to make a smart and reasonable purchase.

labelled products

VHere are the first LONGTIME® labelled products. By clicking on the product you will obtain the detailed information sheet and access to the complete directory. And soon more products in the directory!

If you know of a long-lasting product that deserves the LONGTIME® label, tell our team about it!

Are your products reliable and should be in the directory? All you have to do is follow the steps in the LONGTIME® process to obtain the label.

LONGTIME®, a pragmatic solution

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with products that do not last.


want information on the shelf life of products


are concerned by responsible consumption


say they rely on labels to make sure a product is truly sustainable

Choosing a LONGTIME® labelled product is an opportunity to encourage other products to get out of the box and adopt a more responsible consumption.

Between planned obsolescence, climate change concerns, marketing propaganda and the reality of everyday life, you no longer know how to choose the products you need…

The LONGTIME® label is a real help by giving you clear and fast information.


What are the new selection criteria of consumers ?

What are the new selection criteria of consumers ?

Consumer trends are changing, evolving and transforming. The health crisis we are going through is not for nothing, it is one of the catalysts for the changing purchasing behavior. You are probably noticing, through the news, an ever-growing craze for recycling,...

Xplorer, feedback on LONGTIME® certification

Xplorer, feedback on LONGTIME® certification

We wanted to get feedback from Xplorer on how the LONGTIME® approach works. Here is the testimony of Alain Loubet, Chief executive at Xplorer. Could you define the business and the purpose of the company? Born from its CEO’s passion for detection, Xplorer was founded...

Univ’R Chauffage, feedback on LONGTIME® certification

Univ’R Chauffage, feedback on LONGTIME® certification

We wanted to get feedback from Univ’R Chauffage on how the LONGTIME® approach works. Here is the testimony of Bruno Giorgi, Chief executive at Univ’R Chauffage. Could you define the business and the purpose of the company? French designer and manufacturer of electric...

The ambition of the LONGTIME® label

LONGTIME® is an independent label for consumers.

With applications in Europe and internationally, it has been developed to encourage the manufacturing and consumption of products that are more sustainable on a lasting basis.

By encouraging consumers to make better choices and manufacturers to produce more sustainable products, LONGTIME® aims to contribute to the preservation of the planet’s resources and the reduction of premature waste.

The LONGTIME® label encourages a circular economy and champions the repair sector, a skilled and local field of activity.




They talk about LONGTIME®

Who’s behind it LONGTIME® ?

Ethikis ad civis is a cooperative and participative company based in Toulouse, and originally created by two citizens determined to act on the environmental and social issues of our time.

It is now managed by Ethikis ad civis, a Toulouse based cooperative company that is wholly owned by its employees.

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Votre voix compte !

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