We wanted to get feedback from Univ’R Chauffage on how the LONGTIME® approach works.

Here is the testimony of Bruno Giorgi, Chief executive at Univ’R Chauffage.

Could you define the business and the purpose of the company?

French designer and manufacturer of electric radiators with ceramic heating core.

For more than 10 years, Univ’R Chauffage has been designing radiators based on natural and French ceramics to offer dry inertia electric radiators that are economical, reliable and efficient. Based in the Drôme, Univ’R Chauffage distributes its products throughout France in DIY stores. In order to support their customers and users as closely as possible to their expectations, they offer a customer relations service that is 100% manufacturer.

Why did you decide to join the LONGTIME® labeling process? What benefits do you expect from it?

# Probity

French manufacturer, strongly rooted in its territory, we work closely with our partner suppliers. This is also what allows us to design and manufacture 100% repairable devices for more than 10 years. By obtaining recognition through an independent label such as LONGTIME®, we are further acknowledging the commitment to durability, repairability and support that we make every day with our customers.

# Value

We would like to show that an SME such as ours, established in a competitive market driven by major industrialists, also knows how to commit to an eco-responsible process while offering high-performance, durable and repairable appliances to consumers.

# Recognition

For our teams, the recognition of the business expertise and a sustainable service offer for our customers.

How is this approach perceived within your company?

It is an approach based on progress, responsibility and commitment that reflects a vision, a commitment from our teams and the desire to go even further in our daily work with our customers.

How much time did you spend on the labeling process? Would you say that this is a rather reasonable amount of time or rather excessive for you company?

It is a required time! We are a small SME, with a craftsman’s mindset. We have built this process step by step to ensure our ability to respond positively. We have also taken the needed time, before starting, to make sure that we shared values with the label. These values are the foundation of a certain entrepreneurial mindset and a certain approach of our business.

Do you think that the LONGTIME® label was rather simple or complex in terms of administrative management?

It is a relatively simple process, provided you take the time to look at it in depth. This is also what makes it so valuable. This labeling process is greatly facilitated by the support of the Ethikis teams who know how to make themselves available and reactive to specify all issues raised.


This labeling process is greatly facilitated by the support of the Ethikis teams who know how to make themselves available and reactive […]

Did the final audit raise any concerns or questions about the protection of your industriel secrets?

One of our concerns was the good understanding of our profession and working methods by the label. We felt both kindness and professionalism through the different steps. Also, we were able to evolve without risk and in confidence. The data are collected to build the labeling process. Confidentiality is part of the process. It has been fully respected. It is an additional guarantee to get started in this process.


Concerning data protection, we felt both kindness and professionalism.

Do you have a comment, a suggestion, a word to share? The space to follow is free!

To make the label grow in order to make our companies and our approach toward progress. The main point for us now is to amplify this movement and we want this to happen with the LONGTIME® label.

Notoriety will bring even more credibility. It seems essential to make a deep and massive pedagogy to make it clear that replacing a product does not make it sustainable and that it is not useful to proceed in this way.


We believe the high standards required by the label allow us to intelligently combine industrial constraints and the expectations of responsible consumption. It is a structuring tool to meet this challenge!

photo du radiateur palayer de l'entreprise univ'r chauffage
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