Doubleflow Ergoserv

R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model

Doubleflow Ergoserv


2 Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years

Control organisation

APAVE certification
Certificate number

Product description :

The DOUBLEFLOW ERGOSERV model is a tray-based meal distribution trolley with separate technology: a fixed terminal housing the rethermalization technology, and a mobile shuttle that receives the assembled trays for distribution to the patients’ rooms. Its objective? To serve complete meal trays at the right temperature and to provide distribution comfort thanks to a light and easy-to-handle shuttle, to limit musculoskeletal disorders. The solution has been designed with robust materials such as stainless steel, which guarantee a long life. The availability of spare parts for 10 years and the quality of our network of after-sales technicians guarantee a product designed to be repaired and to last. The DOUBLEFLOW ERGOSERV model benefits from the LONGTIME label, which testifies to the eco-responsible approach to which SOCAMEL is committed.

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