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for life Years

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10 Years

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APAVE certification
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Product description :

Recognised expertise, entirely forged in one piece, from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle, these knives offer unrivalled cutting power and strength. ● A blade forged from an exceptional steel, X50CrMov15 (0.50% carbon, 15% chromium, 0.5% molybdenum). ● A square-shaped bolster that ensures the knife’s solidity and balance. ● A robust, refined handle: made of pressed wood and assembled with 3 brass through rivets. A complete range, comprising: 10 cm paring knife, 15 cm kitchen knife, 20 cm and 25 cm slicers, 30 and 35 cm chef’s knives, 22 cm carving knife, 17 cm tuning fork, 17 cm filet de sole, 20 cm bread knife, 30 cm tranchelard, 30 cm honeycomb ham knife.

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