R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model



2 Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years
Start of labelling : November 2022
End of labelling :November 2025

Control organisation

ECOCERT environnement
Certificate number

Product description :

The Roll’Fresh mobile cold storage cabinet has been developed for optimal efficiency. It is equipped with a refrigerating unit “Hermetic Unit” located at the bottom with rear ventilation which ensures the stability of the appliance while avoiding hot air rising in the refrigerated chamber when the door is opened. Easy access to the settings, possibility of delayed start-up, alarm in case of abnormal temperature rise, alert for maintenance of the unit. Easy loading, easy handling with 2 side handles for manoeuvring and a bar at the back for easy movement, support for temperature recorder, stamped guides, non-marking peripheral strip, integrated control panel with touch-sensitive buttons.

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