W9 Wall Oven

R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model

W Collection


2 Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years

Control organisation

APAVE certification
Certificate number

Product description :

This oven is equipped with the 6th Sense programmer for perfect results at all time. This technology gives access to 60 cooking combinations and 45 automatic recipes. The Cook 4 function optimizes the use of your oven by allowing you to cook up to 4 preparations at a time thanks to the 4 levels of this oven, without any transfer of taste or odour. The Ready2Cook technology allows you to use your oven without conventional preheating, saving you time and energy. This feature uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature, completely eliminating the need for preheating. The oven frame is made of Black Fiber black stainless steel to ensure its longevity.

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