HOBEN H6 Eclipse Signature

R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model

H6 Eclipse Signature


2 Years

Availability of replacement parts

15 Years
Start of labelling : December 2021
End of labelling :December 2024

Control organisation

APAVE certification
Certificate number

Product description :

« Beauty in all its roundness »

Among our pellet stoves with high output, the Eclipse charms by its roundness. The Eclipse, in its solid or ribbed version (for the Venus), became one of HOBEN’s best-selling stoves within a few weeks. Since then, it has remained one of the brand’s flagship stoves, both stylish and suitable for a large number of homes. With a power range of 1.6kW to 7.9kW, it is suitable for both moderately insulated and modern, airtight houses. Its colourful and easy-to-use interface allows for 7 temperature ranges per day, which the stove regulates itself to within 0.1°C. The result: significant savings in pellets.

The Eclipse can be placed in the centre of the room and become the focal point. In trendy or timeless colours, it shines brightly from every angle.

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