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ENOSIGN Electric

With its highly innovative design, the ENOSIGN griddle is the most efficient on the market with optimal energy efficiency (20% energy savings). The perfect connection of the griddle to the frame makes it very easy to maintain and avoids energy losses. The cast iron plate is carefully enamelled in our workshop and is very easy to clean. The touch screen control is precise (10 positions) and allows the programming of the heating time with timer. The materials are durable and resistant to extreme outdoor conditions (tested in salt spray). Indoor / outdoor use – 2 sizes – optional bonnet

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Labelled model


Lifetime Warranty


20 ans

Availability of spare parts



Sectorial annex


APAVE certification

Control body

September 2022

à September 2025
ENO has a long-standing commitment to manufacturing sustainable, repairable and recyclable appliances, but we lacked a label to simply communicate this commitment to consumers.

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ENO is a century-old industrial company that designs and produces quality cooking appliances for boats and gardens in France.