We wanted to get feedback from Xplorer on how the LONGTIME® approach works.

Here is the testimony of Alain Loubet, Chief executive at Xplorer.

Could you define the business and the purpose of the company?

Born from its CEO’s passion for detection, Xplorer was founded in 1998. As a manufacturer of high-tech metal detectors, XP is constantly expanding and markets its detectors worldwide (through its network of authorized distributors). Research, innovation and performance are the company’s watchwords on a daily basis to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Why did you decide to join the LONGTIME® labeling process? What benefits do you expect from it?

Since its creation, XP has attached great importance to the quality of its products and their durability. From the manufacturing process to after-sales service, everything is done to ensure the longevity of our detectors. The labelling process was undertaken in order to justify this desire and reward all the efforts made on a daily basis. Obtaining such a label is a guarantee of trust for our customers. An excellent source of communication, this label will allow a significant new axis of commercial differentiation.

How is this approach perceived within your company?

The entire XP team is highly aware of a global QSE (Quality, Safety Environment) policy and sees this approach as the logical continuation of the actions undertaken on a daily basis within the company. Increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing the quality of our products while acting to protect the environment, all these objectives are appreciated by all XP collaborators.


The entire XP team […] sees this approach as the logical continuation of the actions undertaken on a daily basis.

How much time did you spend on the labeling process? Would you say that this is a rather reasonable amount of time or rather excessive for you company?

The preparation time was half a day for 2 people.
The audit time was 3 days for 4 people.
The restitution was half a day for 3 people.
The time spent is entirely adequate.

Do you think that the LONGTIME® label was rather simple or complex in terms of administrative management?

We think that the complexity was justified in relation to the needs and justifications of the label.

Did the final audit raise any concerns or questions about the protection of your industriel secrets?

We had some concerns about industrial secrets but were quickly stopped by the notoriety of the certification body. In addition, the elements communicated did not endanger our expertise.


We had somes concerns […] quickly stopped by the notoriety of the certification body.

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We wish you all the best for the future and we remain at your disposal to help you develop this label!

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