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Encouraging sustainable consumption to move away from the disposable era

Dot-Drops is a French brand of eco-responsible, durable, design and infinitely repairable suitcases. Our mission: to make the most sustainable suitcases with the least environmental impact. Accompany our customers on their journey towards a more responsible lifestyle Dot-Drops is - An eco responsible suitcase, infinitely repairable! - The first suitcase with the LONGTIME® label and a 20-year guarantee. - An eco-friendly suitcase designed at each stage of the product's life cycle with - 76% of CO2 impact. - A unique concept of easy self-repair at home that covers 95% of breakdowns. - A deposit on purchase that includes free recycling of the case in our workshop.

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What is an attestation of conformity ?

Issued by an inspection body, it is an official document certifying that a product, service or process complies with current standards, regulations or technical specifications. For the LONGTIME® label, the certificate details the ranges that have been inspected, and the dates on which they were awarded…

Why is this important ?

It may be essential to demonstrate compliance with current laws and regulations, guarantee consumer safety, facilitate international trade, or ensure the quality of a product as part of a quality certification process. In our case, it assures you that LONGTIME®-labeled products have been assessed by an independent body according to the criteria set out in the standard.

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