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RESCASET is France's leading provider of support to the catering industry, offering a wide range of packaging solutions, including sealing machines, responsible food packaging and innovative associated services. Since its creation, it has guaranteed the protection, safety and hygiene of all meals delivered to the health, education and food industry sectors. RESCASET has always paid particular attention to sustainable development. As a socially responsible company, it mobilises its resources to devise and develop solutions that respect the environment and natural resources, by reducing waste and recycling waste from each of its activities.

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What is an attestation of conformity ?

Issued by an inspection body, it is an official document certifying that a product, service or process complies with current standards, regulations or technical specifications. For the LONGTIME® label, the certificate details the ranges that have been inspected, and the dates on which they were awarded…

Why is this important ?

It may be essential to demonstrate compliance with current laws and regulations, guarantee consumer safety, facilitate international trade, or ensure the quality of a product as part of a quality certification process. In our case, it assures you that LONGTIME®-labeled products have been assessed by an independent body according to the criteria set out in the standard.

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