You are a product manufacturer and would like to better understand the criteria and evaluate your positioning? Answer the following questions to get your result!


The company is aware of the principle of extending the lifespan of goods, and perceives quality as a factor of durability.
The company places robustness and repairability as major issues in the design of its product.
The product stands out from the competition because of its design quality and reliability.
The company limits the use of sub-assemblies in product design.
The company integrates the actual usage constraints of consumers into its design.


The company ensures that the tooling does not hinder the demountability of the product.
The company has taken steps to monitor and ensure the quality of the spare parts it does not produce.
The company ensures that the cost of spare parts available for sale does not hinder the repair of its product.
Functional parts are accessible and the assembly systems are of high quality.
The company is committed to the availability of spare parts over time so that the product remains repairable beyond its commercialisation.


The company has an after-sales service system that enables it to offer consumers economically viable repairs.
The company has set up reconditioning or recovery channels at the after-sales service level.
The company makes every effort to provide the necessary information to consumers in order to facilitate the maintenance of the product.
The company gives the consumer the benefit of warranty superior to national law.
The company makes every effort to provide consumers with clear information on the use and care of the product.



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