The reparability index for electrical and electronic equipment is a French government measure stemming from the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy. The reparability index comes into force on January 1, 2021.
Thereparability index enables consumers to compare the reparability of products in the same category (e.g. lawnmowers). The LONGTIME® label, on the other hand, identifies a durable product, i.e. one that is both repairable AND reliable. These two tools are therefore perfectly complementary.

Here we answer questions about the repairability index, and offer a comparison with the LONGTIME® label that many of you have been asking for.

Which products are covered by the reparability index?

The reparability index is mandatory for 5 product families:

  • Laptop computer
  • Smartphone
  • Television
  • Washing machines
  • Electric lawnmowers

The reparability index should be extended to other categories of electrical or electronic equipment over time, but there is no precise information on this at present. Concertedwork with stakeholders isplannedfrom2021.

As far as the LONGTIME® label is concerned, we have chosen to adapt it to all types of manufactured products, for both consumers and professionals. The aim is to provide a universal benchmark for product sustainability, independent, demanding and voluntary.

How is the reparability index calculated?

The reparability index is based on the evaluation of several criteria:

  • Availability and accessibility of technical documentation and advice on use and maintenance.
  • Disassembly of parts identified as priorities (number of stages, tools, fasteners)
  • The availability and accessibility of parts identified within 2 lists that prioritize their importance
  • The price of spare parts.
  • Criteria specific to product families (usage counter, software update, software reset, etc.)

Each of these 5 items is scored out of 20 points, and the overall score out of 100 is then reduced to a reparability score ranging from 0 to 10.

LONGTIME® label criteria are controlled on a comply/non-comply basis. As our aim is not to be punitive, the auditor can be given several means of proof that the product complies with the label’s criteria. To facilitate consumer information, there is no specific level of certification (bronze, silver, gold). LONGTIME® products are built to last!

Who calculates the reparability index?

The producer or importer must establish a reparability score for the product they are going to market, based on the “calculating” grid. This grid is made available through the order corresponding to the product concerned by the note.

The producer or importer must communicate the index to distributors and/or sellers free of charge.

In addition to the score, the producer must also provide distributors and consumers with theparametersused toestablishthe score.
For the time being, the law does not provide for the assessment to be carried out by an independent, impartial entity. Obviously, this suggests possible frauds that need to be contained by the few safeguards provided by law.

For the LONGTIME® label, we have opted for a third-party award. This means that independent inspection bodies are mandated to verify and award the label on the basis of compliance with the 41 criteria set out in the specifications.

Who is responsible for displaying the reparability index?

Vendors and distributors are responsible for displaying the reparability index and making available the document indicating the parameters used to establish the score. They must communicate the index to consumers, free of charge, in accordance with theproceduresand signagelaid downbydecree.

What form will the reparability index take?

A decree will specify the physical and digital display methods, but you can see below how the reparability index looks. A graphic charter for the reparability index will be made available to stakeholders before the index comes into force.

What are the penalties for failing to display the reparability index?

Failure to display the reparability index or to make available the parameters used to establish it, whether on the part of the seller or the marketer, as well as the display of a misleading reparability index or the communication of false or falsified parameters, is punishable by law.
The penalty is an administrative fine not exceeding €3,000 for an individual and €15,000 for a legal entity, as specified in article L. 541-9-4 of the Environment Code.

What are the limits of the reparability index?

The reparability index is a new information tool to help consumers make a comparative environmental choice when making a purchase. This information complements the energy label. The introduction of such a system is to be welcomed. For too long, the notion of ecology in manufactured products has been limited to energy consumption alone.


While the initiative is to be welcomed, there are several points to be made about the index’s limitations.

The number of products concerned

The index only covers 5 equipment categories, which is a start, but still low compared to the diversity of product families present in retail outlets. We’re betting that the number of units will increase rapidly.

Rebound effect

Repairability is an essential criterion for extending product life, but it’s not the whole story. Above all, consumers want to be able to rely on the reliability of the products they buy.
However, the reparability index is potentially going to value appliances whose repair will certainly be easier (disassembly, availability of spare parts) but potentially insufficiently reliable. On the other hand, it may devalue devices that are difficult to repair but highly reliable.

To overcome this problem, the reparability index will become a component of the durability index in 2024.

As far as the LONGTIME® label is concerned, we made the choice from the outset to take into account all the components of durability in the evaluation of products bearing the label: reliability, robustness, reparability, technical support.

On form


The dark side of the reparability index lies in the conditions under which it is calculated. Leaving it up to the manufacturer to calculate his own score using his own information means being judge and jury. One of the most striking examples is diesel gate.It should also be noted that weightings are very low, or even non-existent, in the “calculating” grid. This means, for example, that providing the consumer with maintenance recommendations is worth as many points as providing spare parts.


In the event of infringement, penalties are not very dissuasive and are difficult to apply. As far as the reparability index is concerned, the limitation period for the administration’s action is one year from the date on which the breach was committed. Which is very low.

Key facts about the reparability index for electrical and electronic products

  • 5 equipment categories
  • Effective January 2021
  • Score displayed from 1 to 10
  • Self-evaluation
  • Mandatory display
  • Penalty of €3,000 to €15,000

Do you want to promote not only the repairability but also the reliability and robustness of your product? The LONGTIME® label is a solution that enables you to stand out from the competition in any product family.
Don’t hesitate to use our self-diagnosis tool to assess the durability of your product.

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