Eco Turbo

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Eco Turbo


10 Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years
Start of labelling : August 2021
End of labelling :August 2024

Control organisation

ECOCERT environnement
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Product description :

Welcome to high performance with the Eco Turbo model! Designed and developed using an exclusive technology, the Eco Turbo radiator has a double resistor cast flush with the skin of the natural ceramic. As a result, when the radiator heats up, it will draw its full power and only 50% of its total power when maintaining the chosen comfort temperature. This radiator is made in France, so you can enjoy comfort and control your energy consumption. This technology, developed by our teams, is based on the fundamentals of our expertise: noble materials, 85% of the raw materials used come from the Rhône Alpes region, durability and total reparability, backed up by a 10-year guarantee on the core and heating element. As well as operating at full or half power, which it does automatically, the intelligent functions on board allow you to use pre-set programmes or free programming over 3 temperatures, to take advantage of energy-saving functions such as the presence detector or open window detection, to activate or deactivate the “baby care” function for a gentler rise in radiator temperature and to have access to an energy consumption monitor. LONGTIME® certified since 2022, it completes the “high performance” range alongside the PALAYER model.

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