EDEN electric heater

R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model



10 Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years
Start of labelling : August 2020
End of labelling :August 2023

Control organisation

ECOCERT environnement
Certificate number

Product description :

The EDEN model is an electric heater with a ceramic heating core designed for ultra simplified use. Turn the rotary dial to adjust the heating intensity or switch to touchless mode to program your heater with your smartphone from the free UNIV’R TOUCH app.

Its purpose? To make comfort even simpler and more accessible. The EDEN model has been designed from the fundamentals of the UNIV’R CHAUFFAGE brand : a natural ceramic with a strong inertial power, a high quality aluminium for an intense radiation and an electronic board designed and developed in France!

An effort has been made to make the parts ever more easily accessible and repairable over time. The 10-year warranty on the core and heating element is accompanied by the same availability of spare parts. Designed to last and to give you a taste of simplicity. Made in France, in Bourg-de-Péage, the EDEN model benefits from the LONGTIME® label, which thus acknowledges the continuity of the work undertaken by the UNIV’R CHAUFFAGE teams around an eco-responsible and sustainable approach.

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