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Silence Force Vacuum Cleaner

The Silence Force canister bagged vacuum cleaner combines high level of performance and silence (64dB) for deep cleaning and extreme comfort. The POWER AIR vacuum head guarantees exceptional results on all types of floors, while providing optimal comfort of use with its perfect glide. This ultra quiet vacuum cleaner with only 64 dB(A) in maximum position, offers powerful performances, with 3 levels of filtration capturing more than 99% of the dust and with a low energy consumption.



Silence Force RO64

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September 2019

à September 2022

Our products are designed to be easily repaired, dismantled and reassembled. A very large number of parts are individualized (40,000 references stocked in France for Europe) in order to repair only what is necessary and at the lowest cost. Rowenta’s engineers propose modifications based on feedback from the field to make new generations of products even easier to reassemble.

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