R064 pour fiche produit


The INITIAL griddle is a perfect griddle for small spaces. Compact and light, it is easy to move. With its high-performance burners, it reaches 360°C in a few minutes to sear food without spoiling it. The enamelled cast iron plate from our workshops makes it very easy to clean without the risk of scratching. With 100% outdoor materials, it is designed for use all year round.

Product details



Labelled model


Lifetime Warranty


20 ans

Availability of spare parts



Sectorial annex


APAVE certification

Control body

September 2022

à September 2025

ENO has a long-standing commitment to manufacturing sustainable, repairable and recyclable appliances, but we lacked a label to simply communicate this commitment to consumers.

Company details


ENO is a century-old industrial company that designs and produces quality cooking appliances for boats and gardens in France.