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What are the differences between the LONGTIME® label and the durability index?

The LONGTIME® certification and the durability index are two tools designed to encourage responsible consumption, but they have a number of major differences. Here is a comparison to help you understand the difference between LONGTIME® and the durability index.


Product scope

The durability index and LONGTIME® have very different scopes.

  • Scope of the LONGTIME® certification:

The LONGTIME® certification applies to all electrical and technological products, as well as to manufactured goods and furnishings.
The ecolabel illustrates a commitment to durability, robustness and repairability across a wide range of products including domestic appliances, electronics, tools, leisure and professional equipment, indoor and outdoor furniture… There is no real limit to the type of product that can be labelled, making it highly versatile and applicable to a variety of sectors.

  • Scope of the durability index

The index will initially focus on televisions and washing machines. Its aim is to instil a degree of transparency about the durability of products, but its scope remains limited compared with that of the LONGTIME® certification.


The assessment method

Communicating on durability, implying the lifespan of a good, is tantamount to using an environmental claim. The index and the certification have two different evaluation systems.

  • The LONGTIME® certification system

Rigour is at the heart of the assessment, with aset of specifications 41 criteria to ensure a comprehensive approach to durability. The certification process is impartial, carried out and monitored by an independent, third-party inspection body, guaranteeing the reliability and robustness of certified products. It is not possible to buy the LONGTIME® certification.

  • The durability index allocation system

The durability index is a compulsory regulatory measure that marketers cannot opt out of, so we cannot strictly speaking speak of an allocation system. The index score is calculated by the manufacturer, which means there is a risk of deliberate or unintentional fraud.

However, the reputational risk to brands should be high enough to deter manufacturers from cheating. We use the conditional tense because the DieselGate affair has taught us that some companies will stop at nothing to improve their ratings.


Information for consumers

The certification and the index are based on two different information systems.

  • LONGTIME®, an enhancement tool

On the shelves, the LONGTIME® certification is only applied to items that have applied and comply with the 41 criteria. Visibility of the LONGTIME® logo on products and in Directory of LONGTIME®-labelled products is a simple and effective guide for buyers. It allows you to make eco-responsible choices with confidence, offering a clear overview of their longevity and repairability.

  • Durability index, a comparative tool

On the shelves, the reparability then durability index will be displayed on all washing machines close to the price of the goods. It’s an additional tool for comparison and decision support in terms of price and performance.

It is therefore quite possible to find the certification on products bearing a government index, but also on products that are not covered by the mandatory labelling requirement.

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