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ORX Metal Detector

XP metal detectors are powerful, fast, accurate, and the lightest in the world. They are very ergonomic thanks to their S-shaped telescopic rod equipped with a comfortable rubber handle for long detection sessions. Its patented architecture is based on 3 elements : a detection disk, a remote control, and an audio headset that communicate with each other by digital radio link. No need for wires. The signal is analyzed directly at the source, thus greatly improving the quality of acquisition and interpretation of the signal that is sent in real time to the headset and the remote control.

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10 ans

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July 2019

à August 2022

Since its creation, XP has attached great importance to the quality of its products and their durability. From the manufacturing process to after-sales service, everything is done to ensure the longevity of its detectors. The labeling process was undertaken to justify this desire and to reward all the efforts made on a daily basis. Obtaining such a label is a guarantee of confidence for our customers. Excellent source of communication, this label will allow a new axis of commercial differentiation not negligible.

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Born from its CEO’s passion for detection, Xplorer was founded in 1998. As a manufacturer of high-tech metal detectors, XP is constantly expanding and markets its detectors worldwide (through its network of authorized distributors). Research, innovation and performance are the company’s watchwords on a daily basis to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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