R064 pour fiche produit

High output citrus juicer 52

The large citrus fruit juicer N°52 is the ideal device to squeeze all kinds of citrus fruit thanks to its 3 removable heads delivered with the device. This real professional citrus fruit squeezer is equipped with a robust and silent asynchronous motor. Thanks to its high output, you can easily obtain 40 litres of juice per hour.

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52, 52C

Labelled model


2 ans



10 ans

Availability of spare parts


Juice extractor_V1

Sectorial annex


APAVE certification

Control body

November 2020

à November 2023

The LONGTIME® label is perfectly in line with our company’s philosophy, which makes it a point of honour to fight against programmed obsolescence. In fact, all Santos appliances are easily repairable and have been since their creation. A Santos appliance, whatever it is, can always be reconditioned.

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For more than 10 years, Univ'R Chauffage has been designing radiators based on natural and French ceramics in order to offer dry inertia electric radiators that are economical, reliable and efficient. Based in the Drôme, Univ'R Chauffage distributes its products throughout France in DIY stores. In order to support their customers and users as closely as possible to their expectations, they offer a customer relations service that is 100% manufacturer.

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