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Bar Blender 33

A small, high-performance bar blender which, with the help of its resistant stainless steel knives, allows you to quickly make all kinds of preparations based on crushed ice: cocktails, smoothies, ice drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes…
It has 2 speeds for an easy control of your preparation: 13000 rpm and 16000 rpm.
Its lid with stopper allows you to add ingredients during use and it also has a bowl detection system that stops the motor when the bowl is removed from the base, allowing it to preserve the couplings.




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Professionnal Blender_V1

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APAVE certification


November 2020

à November 2023

The LONGTIME® label is perfectly in line with our company’s philosophy, which makes it a point of honour to fight against programmed obsolescence. In fact, all Santos appliances are easily repairable and have been since their creation. A Santos appliance, whatever it is, can always be reconditioned.

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