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YOO Care

The video baby monitor in all simplicity. The Yoo Care compiles all the essential features to offer peace of mind and ease of use. Its camera can be rotated 360° and offers excellent image quality by day and night. It is equipped with a night light, a temperature indicator, a mode of operation on battery, battery or mains, 2 alarms (sound and visual) and an automatic voice activation.

The Yoo Care video baby monitor is guaranteed for life.

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YOU Care

Labelled model


Lifetime Warranty


5 ans

Availability of spare parts



Sectorial annex


APAVE certification

Control body

May 2022

à May 2022

Babymoov is committed to offering products that last over time, are easy to repair and can even be given a second life. Accompanied by health and early childhood experts in its product development, the Babymoov brand places a high demand on quality and durability.

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