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W11 Wall Oven

Exclusive 6th SENS technology allows you to choose from a variety of pre-programmed recipes, while the oven automatically adjusts the type, temperature and duration of cooking for perfect results. MultiSense sensor technology measures the food temperature at 4 different points, so you can control the cooking process down to the degree. Thanks to the connectivity embedded in your oven and the dedicated application, discover a multitude of recipe ideas and program your menus in advance.



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APAVE certification


Januar 2021

à Januar 2024

By this certification, Whirlpool France affirms its commitment to offer consumers long-lasting and easily repairable products. Choosing to use the independent LONGTIME® label proves that our commitment is concrete. As a leader and responsible player, Whirlpool wants to be a forerunner in making our sector’s practices more virtuous and respectful of the planet. We will therefore continue to pursue our proactive sustainable development strategy, in line with the commitments of Whirlpool Corporation, which has been responsible for more than 60 years.

Pierre Duchier
Whirlpool France CEO

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