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for life Years

Availability of replacement parts

10 Years

Control organisation

APAVE certification
Certificate number

Product description :

Elegant, sleek lines, high-quality blades, top-of-the-range steel to cut efficiently with precision. ● A long-lasting cutting edge that’s easy to re-sharpen. ● A laser-cut sole plate: “blade that extends all the way around the handle”, for greater strength and perfect balance of the knife. ● An unobstructed blade heel for greater cutting fluidity. ● An ergonomic handle, in pressed wood, offering an exceptional grip. ● A stainless steel through rivet, a robust and discreet assembly. ● An innovative shape that makes a lasting impression. A comprehensive range, comprising: 9 cm paring knife, 12 cm plain blade steak knife, 13 cm tomato knife, 15 cm wide kitchen knife, 19 and 24 cm slicers, 21 cm carver, 18 cm honeycomb santoku, 30 cm sponge knife, 30 cm honeycomb ham knife, 18 cm knife cleaver, 16 cm cleaver cleaver

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