Suitcase Medium

R064 pour fiche produit

Labelled model

Suitcase Medium


20 Years

Availability of replacement parts

20 Years

Control organisation

APAVE certification
Certificate number

Product description :

Medium sized 4 wheel suitcase with a timeless design that crosses fashions. When you want more space but don’t want to go too big, this mid-size suitcase is ideal for couples or people going on long trips. All of our suitcase sizes fit inside for easy storage.

Very strong and lightweight polypropylene shell, zipper closure with TSA combination lock compatible with US customs controls. 4 position telescopic handle made of reinforced aluminum for more lightness. 4 ultra-quiet and ultra-resistant wheels. Customizable interior layout with volume-reducing pockets for a +30% gain.

6 colors to choose from: Black, Navy, Apricot, Sunflower, Terracotta, Bronze

Ideal suitcase for 7 to 14 days.

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