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LONGTIME®, the European benchmark for products designed to last, is launching a public consultation on its brand new V2 standard. Since its creation in 2018, LONGTIME® has been committed to promoting robustness, repairability and quality after-sales service. Today, to keep pace with changing market and consumer expectations, we are updating our standards.

Find out more below about the nine categories of essential criteria in the new version of the standard, to encourage the production of more sustainable products.

To view the full standards, follow this link.

We’re convinced that the best way forward is together. Because your voice counts, we invite you to join us in this evolution. Whether we’re talking about robustness, repairability or after-sales service quality, your opinions, suggestions and ideas are crucial to us.

By taking part in this consultation, you will have the opportunity to directly influence the way durable products are assessed and certified. You’ll be helping to define what makes a product “built to last”.

To send us your contributions, please take part in the consultation.

This public consultation was also publicised in a press release. [Read the article here to find out more].

Votre voix compte !

Votre voix compte !

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