one team, one ethic!

Who are we?

Ethikis ad civis is a cooperative and participative company based in Toulouse, and originally created by two citizens determined to act on the environmental and social issues of our time.


What do we do?

Ethikis promotes ethics in the fields of consumption and use by creating concrete tools to fight against out-of-age practices.


Our idea…

Obsolescence is not inevitable. Planned obsolescence is only a small part of obsolescence. Our approach tends to convey this awareness and empower everyone.

Responsibilities for the existence of organised obsolescence are shared between consumers and manufacturers. LONGTIME® is a positive communication tool, a reference in terms of product durability. A marking among a range of solutions that you can discover with part in our partners.

What is a cooperative and participatory society? A company like no other! Shared governance, limited lucrativity, pursuit of the general interest… these are some of the main principles of SCOP under French commercial law.