The label for products designed to last

Clearly informs consumers about the longevity, robustness and repairability of products.

Rewards manufacturers who focus their industrial effort on durability.


Are you looking for durable household appliances, a reliable laptop computer, robust tools?

Buying a sustainable product is an economic and environmentally responsible choice

Find out how the LONGTIME® label helps you to easily find sustainable products .

Why choose

the label?

Obtaining the LONGTIME® label places value on the durability of your products.

The LONGTIME® label helps you to provide clear and independent information on the lifetime of products.

How to obtain

the label?

Becoming a partner means passing on your knowledge and participating

The LONGTIME® label takes into account the specificity of each product family for a thorough and relevant study.

How to become

a partner?

Launch of the label

Find the first sustainable products with the LONGTIME® label as of the start of the school year. You will also have access to detailed datasheets.

Launch of the label








If you know of a durable product that deserves the LONGTIME® label, share your experience with our team!

Your products are reliable, robust and repairable and should be in the directory?

LONGTIME® a practical response

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with products that do not last.


want information on the shelf life of products


are concerned by responsible consumption


say they rely on labels to make sure a product is truly sustainable

who is behind LONGTIME® ?

It was originally created by two citizens determined to act on the environmental and social issues of our time.

It is now managed by Ethikis ad civis, a Toulouse based cooperative company that is wholly owned by its employees.